22 May, 2014

A New Art Installation at VO World Headquarters

Casey's crazy fender mobile.


David Pearce said...

Beautiful and I think deserves to have other clean and shiny bicycle parts (I don't think dirty or run-into-the-ground parts would work--or maybe they would).

How about a completely deconstructed, flying bicycle?: Wheels, fenders, frame, fork, chain! in a looping pattern--all apart, like a dream.

In fact, on one side of the office, deconstructed bike described above. On the other side, possibly with neon lighting or colorful brake cable casing pointing the way, a finished bicycle, hanging there, ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of shiny, take a look at the pattern on the metal switchgear on this volvo http://www.autobild.de/bilder/volvo-xc90-erster-blick-ins-cockpit-5133949.html#bild8
If Veloorange ever wanted to try a new hammered fender pattern you might want to consider someting like this. You could start with a 58mm 650B fender. The widest Honjos are absurdly expensive and there is only one alternative out there right now in stainless steel. I have several wide fendered 650B frames I'm going to build soon and I wish I had more options.

Anonymous said...

Put in purple light bulbs, blast some twelve-tone noise, and you have a Marian Zazeela/La Monte Young installation!