02 March, 2011

Gauntlets and Things

VO is not a bad place to work. We offer all the usual benefits like a health insurance plan and a 401k plan (with employer matching). And salaries are well above average bike shop levels.  Then there is access to bike stuff such as free prototypes to test and sub-wholesale pricing for all employees. But one of our benefits may be unique. Annette knit gauntlets for all the staff members; it can get chilly in the warehouse during winter.

So, if you're interested in working for VO send us a resume. We'll add one or two entry level positions when the spring season gets rolling.

On a different subject, this ad is from a Japanese magazine and was placed by a wonderful shop called M's Bicyclette. They also have a cool blog. And, unlike many Japanese shops, M's accepts international orders.


Anonymous said...

I wish our boss gave us gauntlets.

Jay said...

I work for an energy efficiency company, so we tend to keep the heat turned fairly low. Well, 68, isn't that low, but my desk is right by a leaky door, so it feels much colder.

I get cold easily, and my boss commented on how we seemed kind of cold, and joked about how we should get "Bob Cratchit" gloves. My girlfriend got me some - makes a world of difference. Enjoy!

Brian said...

This is sad news, I (a terribly qualified and passionate individual) just moved to Philadelphia from Maryland. And I still don't have a job.

jaytee said...

If you ever open up a Hawaii location, let me know.

web said...

"We offer all the usual benefits like a health insurance plan and a 401k plan (with employer matching)."

Is this actually the norm? My job has no health insurance plan, we do have 401k but with no employer matching funds. Of course, the are no cycling benefits either.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Chris should have said, "usual for us." We offered the same benes at CLC 15 years ago, as we've always recognized that our biggest asset was our staff (thus the hand-knitted goodies...)


Mr. S. said...

In Tokyo here. My Japanese, and Google's translation, failed me. Is that store just mail-order, or is there in-store sales?

You should look into selling in Velocraft in Kichijoji (west Tokyo). That store is right up your alley. http://www.c-w-s.co.jp/velocraft/index.html

D. W. McClain said...

Would Annette make gauntlets for customers, too?